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Updated on Wednesday, January 28


OMG: Early thought regarding the election. Fusion was a full day late getting their website up. There are two possible scenarios

1. They weren't prepared.
How does a legitimate team not have their website ready until a full day later? And there are two incumbents! How can you run Feds if you can’t prepare a website?

2. They wrote their platforms as a response to gold.
This better not be the case. Your ideas need to be your own, not just reactionary to others. And you need to come up with better ideas than what they did, if that were the case.

Now, I have my own thoughts on the content of Gold’s platform, but I’ll post that later. And don’t even get me started on “Purple Crush”


  1. Def think it is number 2.

  2. Option 3 - Who the fuck cares? They got it up a day later than what? Were they required to put it up by a certain time? no. So fuck off.

  3. Nice try, Goldmember