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Updated on Wednesday, January 28


OMG: The damn copy/paste thing after the captcha doesn't work on Chrome. Why you need two hoops to jump through to comment?

MOD's NOTE: This shouldn't happen. We are looking into this. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


  1. Also some topics' OMG's seem locked to further voting, or can only get down voted, or the vote count doesn't change but the overall average changes, so we don't know how many of us voted. The OMGs above and below them change normally though. It doesn't seem by based on time since we can still vote on a bunch of OMGs from last year.

    Anyone else notice this?

    1. Yes. Can't vote on OMG's 20384-20392 but can vote on most OMG's before then. Some topic types take longer for the vote to go through too.

      Mods, is there extra code for voting and if so what's it do?

  2. Yup, funky logic around some of the more controversial OMG's, maybe regarding UW being blamed for stuff. Confirmed it's not just date-related. Could just be a bug but it's weird.

  3. Now the order of a bunch of OMGs are scrambled.