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Updated on Monday, January 26


OMG: Ok so last term i lost a copper coloured bracelet in RCH.

It looks like a bent railroad ring. my boyfriend got me it, and it really meant a lot to me. I was devastated when I lost it.

I know its been a WHILE and I realize that its probably gone... BUT if anyone has it pls comment on this

Last hope to find it.

MOD'S NOTE: Maybe a pet peeve, but please capitalize next time?   


  1. OP, I hope you find the bracelet! I'll be sure to watch for it.

    Response to MOD's note: Perhaps letting the capitalization slide this once may have been appropriate? Clearly OP is distraught about having lost this trinket, so let's keep the attention on getting the jewellery back and less so on your finickety capitalization remarks. There's a time and a place, and it wasn't at the end of OP's message, MOD's.

    1. yeah. mod if you're that peeved just fix the capitalization yourself, that's what i used to do. otherwise just let it slide. we tried to maintain a very high signal/humour-to-noise ratio in mods notes, this note is pretty useless

      god what kinda shitters are they hiring as mods these days

      -- mod c

  2. The mods on this site are fucking retarded. This is a forum, not a fucking English class. I am almost done my 5 page essay on why you mods should go fuck your own faces. Maybe you can proof-read that?

  3. mod kinda sounds like a pompous dick!

    OP i hope you find your bracelet and i'll keep my eyes open for it

  4. Mod's comment was totally unnecessary. Hope OP finds her bracelet soon. (:

  5. I have tons of wristlets. Maybe u can make a call ahead of time and we could "meet up".

  6. lol yeah wtf these mods seem to spend hours editing people's posts which ruins the authenticity of the submitters.. is this why omg uw takes so long to update these days?