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Updated on Monday, January 26


OMG: VP Internal Candidate here, I will not reveal my identity so as to not cross the line into campaigning. I just want to say that, unlike the incumbent candidates, I have emailed the elections commissioner any time I have thought about doing something that may constitute a violation of policy.

The current FedS exec team should have done the same, to ensure they are not breaching policy.

If you feel that they have violated policy with their AMA, please do file an allegation against them. The more allegations filed, the more likely it will be held against them.


  1. Uh, the three incumbents actually did check in with the Elections Officer before doing the AMA. While I can't deny that the timing was a little iffy, they did their due diligence.

    Maybe you could email the Elections Officer to confirm that they had?

    Thanks for caring, at least.

  2. Hi Jessica! Good try...

  3. I don't actually think what they did was an elections policy violation.

    Was it a breach of good ethics? Yes, IMO it most certainly was unethical to hold a PR event about themselves 3 days before the start of campaigning.

    But the elections policies don't really track ethics-related things like that... so all I can say is "if it bothers you, don't vote for them."

  4. I hope you live a long, healthy, fulfilling life, so that in 40 or so years you realize how useless these elections were. Quintessence of dust.

    1. Yay lets play pretend politics!

      These people need to grow the fuck up.

    2. @4a, I'm surprised you don't care more... considering Feds is a corporation with tens of millions of dollars in money you pay!

  5. Wow. Sour Grapes much? Super douchy.

  6. A couple years ago there was polling across a few different groups about the proper shortening of "Federation of Students". "Feds" won out across the board (not FEDS or FedS). Please don't make us make this decision again.

  7. Please use "Feds" in your election campaign so it won't be incredibly obvious who you are, as well as how slightly out of the loop you are in terms of the Federation's branding.