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Updated on Saturday, January 17


OMG: I remember reading an OMG saying something about two Filipino ladies going around UW asking for donations for a Children's Joy Foundation? Well, I'm not 100% sure it's them but similar people were at my res (Eby) doing the same thing. One of them carried a guitar and the other carried information pamphlets and a pledge sheet. Thankfully I remembered this article ( so I was able to turn them away politely, saying I don't have cash on me.

What's really concerning is the fact that they were able to get into my building, all the way to my floor which is pretty high up (leading me to assume that they've probably been doing rounds on the lower levels). I mean, I realize that people are able to kind of come in and out of here relatively easy even if they don't have keys but I leave those situations with the benefit of a doubt (fellow UW students visiting friends, their family, etc.). If these people soliciting are able to take advantage of this, then I feel like it's a breach of trust and that our safety as residents has been compromised. I don't know what action to call for, whether tighter security measures or something else, but this shouldn't be something that's happening and making me feel unsafe as I live here.


  1. Happened to me today too

  2. Honest just don't take their bullshit, I know they force themselves on you but you got to man up and just say "sorry I'm busy and can't talk"
    Or if you are brave enough tell them we are students who are living off of loans or money we earned from our coop term that is also going to tuition, rent and food so don't try to force us to donate the little we have
    Also I agree with the safety concern but campus police seems to be on top of things if there is really a threat

  3. I live very close to UWP and I got them the other day too. I know about this troll too but I wasn't sure if they were Filipinos, so I donated. I was really hoping that they were real charity....

    1. Nope... You got scammed. Be careful next time

  4. Please contact Res about this. A few years back, a UWP unit was robbed because the robbers tailgated students at the main entrance and got into an unlocked apartment with its residents still inside. I'm not sure if much can be done though as I know preventing people behind you from following you into res can be awkward, but awareness is always good.

  5. They probably were let in by someone careless. If you see them in your building again, call Campus Police (519-888-4567 ext. 22222) or if your'e off campus, the non-emergency number (519) 653 7700.

    UWPS is trying to do everything they can about getting these scam artists off campus. The best thing you can do is report them as soon as you see them, and tell your friends to avoid giving money to anyone on campus who does not have explicit approval from either the university or FEDS to be on campus.

  6. OP here, I've told my don who then contacted UWPS. I should definitely have reported earlier though because I think by the time the info reached UWPS those people have already left.

  7. they've been known to steal

    be careful bud

  8. Yeah, those people are pro-con artists. Over the holiday break they brought a guitar and tried guilting people in my neighbourhood to donate too.

    She was using her folder/clipboard thing to block me from slamming the door on them.

    These people have very thick skin, and will take all your money. Beware!

  9. Report this to campus police. They have no permission to be on campus and are trespassing.

  10. It is I no shirt no service. I broke into the apartment and want to know if you'd kill me for it. Anyways, I don't think you'd be OK with it cos u have a SO....

  11. Is she beautiful?