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Updated on Saturday, January 17


OMG: I was in a car accident a couple months ago and because of it my whole life has changed. Having a disability really really really sucks. I have trouble with basic motor functions like walking and typing. The worst part is that the doctor says it won't get better. I don't have anything to live for since I can't do anything.

Stay safe out there people, especially in this winter weather. I hope no one here has to go through what my "life" is.


  1. Cheer up OP, all the best :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, OP. The changes you've experienced must be extremely frustrating. :(

    Have you seen an occupational therapist by any chance? OTs are rehab professionals that help people get back to doing the daily activities that are important to them, like using a computer and doing things for leisure. Even if your actual functioning doesn't get better, there could be adaptations that could be made and/or equipment and resources that could be used to get around your disability.

    Regardless, I hope things get better and you find something to live for!

  3. hey, OP! i am so sorry to read this. having no idea what you are going through, i just want to tell you, please do not give up! believe in yourself, there have been so many stories when people, regardless of what the doctors say, overcome their illnesses and issues. you are alive and that matters the most, please be positive and that will make your life and the lives of people who love you much easier (believe me, it is very difficult and painful for them too). don't focus on what you cannot do, focus on what you can. you can breathe, think (it is very important) and feel. accept the help from your closed ones.
    i am sorry if it sounds like a lesson or a stupid advice everyone is willing to tell you. just don't give up! you are alive, that matters the most
    all the best!

  4. Hey OP, I am really sorry to hear this has happened to you. I was involved in a car crash over the holidays. It was a serious collision but I walked out of it with only a minor concussion, and bruises from the seat belt and air bag deployment. And yet, it has really disrupted my life. I am not allowed to go skating, I can't drive, or work out. I have headaches, my body aches all the time and I can't sit for over 10 minutes without pain. My physio and my MD say it'll get better but deep down, the fear is crippling me. Between the anxiety and the body aches, I can't even sleep at night. I am already falling behind in school, and I can't afford to take a term off. I've stopped telling people what happened because there's only so much cheerful "it could've been worse"s and "you're so lucky to be alive"s I can take by now (I have a letter from my doctor that allows me to stand during lectures, and people stare)
    Sorry about the long-winded post; I guess all I wanted to say is if you want to grab a coffee sometime and possibly discuss things that might be worth living for, let me know.

  5. Thanks for the support everybody. I know that a lot of people care about me and honestly seeing the suffering this event has put them through makes my heart twice as heavy. Sometimes I wish I was alone.

  6. Doctors can only predict what will or won't happen as a direct result of your injury. They don't take into account what improvements might occur with the help of physio and brain exercises. So make sure you get both.