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Updated on Saturday, January 17


OMG: EngSoc meetings are the worst. The exec team and speaker are clearly trying to keep things moving while douchebags at the back slow things down by trying to impeach the speaker, shouting references about "first year Alex in the third row", well ha ha ha.

Not to mention the piss-poor nominations and elections for award committees and election commissioner. Half the people were up there as a joke. Seems like 90% of the nominations were a joke too. And at the end the candidate speeches amounted to things like "uhh I might not have a lot of experience but I know excellence when I see it" and the voting came down to an upper year's endorsement of "I know candidate XYZ and can personally vouch for his reliability and dedication". Wow.

Even worse, I can't see how the system could be BETTER.

It's a fucking shame. No wonder so many class reps don't bother showing up.


  1. engsoc is basically a group of close knit friends who vote for each other, so they can write "VP dipshit,UW Engineering Society" on their resumes and get hired by same engfags at apple

  2. Sounds like typical circlejerk school politics bullshit. When I run my own company, I will prefer resumes from people who were NOT involved in that shit.

  3. Dude, committees of all governments on campus are always filled with incompetents that get the positions because they're already involved. You think Engsoc is bad? Christ, try FEDS.

    1. can confirm

      know someone in feds who gets carried by others through their classes in the most literal sense

  4. i agree with all of you, it's a giant circlejerk of kids who's social lives outside of it are lacking

  5. All of those inside jokes really alienates anyone who wants to join or make it better.

  6. This only applies to B-Soc

  7. i feel bad for the exec they do try their best to keep thing on topic and to get the inside jokes down.