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Updated on Saturday, January 17


OMG: Confession: Put up a good looking guys pic and am surprised at how easy it is for them. I can literally say anything without repercussion. One chick gave me her number after I told her how I want to violate her ass.

The worst thing is I am loving the fake attention.


  1. Welcome to shallow bitches. Don't worry, in about 15 years time, when they realize the well-off, handsome men don't prefer vapid trash, they will come crawling to you irl

    1. I hate this. I've been hearing it all my life. Not surprisingly, I'm a massive nerd, not attractive, and bad with girls. Since I was a kid, the adults in my life have been telling me that girls will come flocking to me when I become rich and famous because I'm smart enough to get a decent paying job. Why would I want a girl attracted to my money? This is my parents, aunts, older brothers saying this. I hated it then too.

    2. If the women dont find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

    3. @1

      CONGRATS, so, after women are done hoeing around and they are now looking for a sugar daddy, THAT is when they will start looking for OP?

      Well, I hate to be that guy, but I sure as hell do not want to find a women like that.

      This is the reason less and less men should get married.

      You know that hot girl that is married to that nerdy guy? Well guess what, she doesn't love him, she loves his money.

    4. @1A and 1C. Here's what I've realized and it has worked out fantastically. You are both dead on but just be smart about the situation and use it to your advantage. I'm a decent looking 27 year old guy (probably a 7) and I have a good job. I'm at the age where those past hos are now looking for a "good guy" to provide for them now that they're at the age where looks begin to decline. So use this to your advantage. I find girls that are hot and looking for a provider type. I play into that and make them think I'm totally gonna be that guy. Then I just sleep with them for a while and move on. Make them think you're totally interested in a realtionship and gonna give them the world. It's honestly like shooting fish in a barrel and you dont have to feel bad about it either since this wouldn't work if they weren't money grubbing hos. Now go get em.

  2. So, people who are attracted to you are nicer to you. Who'd a thunk it

  3. Bitches last, money second, family first. OTF

  4. Actually OP, I automatically don't trust "good looking" guys because they are usually assholes, but now you've given me a reason not to trust the ugly ones either.