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Updated on Saturday, January 17


OMG: It's 2015 and I still don't really understand selfies. Like what, I'm supposed to take pictures of myself whenever and then post them on social media and people like them... why? What's the point?


  1. No one is forcing you too, some people want to do it because they want others to see them.
    In all my social media accounts I never posted any personal pics, I have no profile pics set for any of them. The only one where I posted a picture was LinkedIn, to associate a face and a name.

  2. You sure sound like the type who talk about how bad social media is and people focus too much time on facebook
    Aka an annoying asshole
    If you don't get it don't do it

  3. I just like showing off my beautiful face. Jealous?

  4. Regarding the serial selfie-takers, I think it's a mix of mild narcissism and the need to feel validated by one's peers.

    1. +1 This is true, and people offended by this OMG are probably in that same category.

  5. we just aren't ugly OP

  6. Selfies aren't as annoying as people who tweet or IG pics of what they are eating.

    'Wow, you want to Harvey's, that's AMAZING!!!'

  7. Everyone thinks they're a model now.

  8. What is the point of taking ant pictures at all? Probably to save graphic memory.
    Posting a picture of yourself is just another way letting people know or acknowledge you.
    Now! if you don't have anybody to take a picture of you, you will take a selfie. There, that's the point of it.