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Updated on Thursday, January 8


OMG: My heart goes out to the families of those shot in France today and all the Muslims who will suffer the backlash.


  1. To be honest, I think those guys kinda asked for it. Despite the death threats, vandalism, international outrage and their building getting burned to the ground in 2011, they continued to provoke the fanatics week after week after week. It's sad that people get killed, but when you're dressed in red and dancing in front of an angry bull, you know what's coming for you.

    1. So you expect people to get bullied around by scoundrels for all time? It's because this happened people who practice religion (not just islam) would have to deal with how extremists behave.

      I also have a problem with Extremism/Fundamentalism at its core. The so-called "moderates" claim to have the proper understanding of the holy text yet the extremists will always have a counterexample. One will say the other is interpreting it wrongly. My question is thus: who is right? What gives one group the right to tell the other group that they are wrong?

    2. The "holy texts" are just words written in an old language by people who lived in a reality that has nothing to do with ours. We have no way of telling what was meant to be a metaphor or what should be literal truth and it doesn't matter. Religions, cultures, ideologies, languages mean different things for every individual.

      I just think it's stupid to blame religion. At the end of the day, everyone wants to rationalize their behaviour. Killing a bunch of people because you're poor, unemployed, depressed and frustrated or just because you're a fucking psycho is not very glamourous. So you say it's for the glory of Allah.

  2. Its not about angry groups of people - its about freedom of speech. Those people are just radicals with wrong ideologies/beliefs that are twisted. Honestly, if drawings about the Prophet says you can kill innocent people to avenge him - then kill yourself first. No religion validate the right to kill anybody for anything. Radicals are playing God (deciding who to kill and when and how) which goes against religions and God's plans.

  3. This is not muslims, it's a false flag operation orchestrated by MOSAD to start a civil war in Europe.