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Updated on Monday, January 5


OMG: Feds elections have started again - follow @FedsElxnWatch to get the inside scoop on all the dirty tricks and double-sided tape over the next six weeks


  1. Oh holy shit it's actually that time of year again! I love Feds elections.

  2. my favourite part of the feds elections is following this twitter account, i love how they call every single candidate out on all their bullshit and everything

  3. double-sided tape. lol. mcfail. lol.

    good one.

  4. What is a FEDS?
    Why should I care about helping someone pad their resume?
    I will vote when they stop making me trudge to fifty stupid little groups to get my $2.25 back from their "Save the Pineapples" campaign.

    1. You clearly have Feds confused with some other org, 4. The Feds fee is entirely non-refundable.

      Why should you care about Feds? That one's easy:

      ->You pay them roughly $100/year, securing their $2.5 million operating budget;
      ->They administer AND NEGOTIATE THE COST OF your bus pass as well as the health and dental plan;
      ->They are the primary representative voice of the student body (and the most influential) in lobbying situations with the University Admin, provincial gov't, local gov't, and federal gov't;
      ->They run the Student Life Centre (and Turnkey Desk), International News, and Bomber;
      ->They administrate, regulate, and oversee all student clubs & student societies, including their space and events, as well as all special events on campus including Orientation and Welcome Week.
      ->They run several invaluable high-use services on-campus: CRT, Food Bank, Off Campus Dons, the Women's Centre, and more.

      And the Exec are at the forefront of all of that. The staff may keep Feds functioning, but whether or not Feds accomplishes anything in a given year is very dependent on A) a quality executive, B) an engaged Council, and C) a competent Board. That is why your vote matters.

      Not that you have to vote, of course... but then you can't complain when Feds wastes your $50/term fee on random crap like new couches for the staff offices.

    2. Yeah, seriously. Think of it as paying taxes, you don't get any other choice to pay the Feds fee so why not try and influence it.

      As a student, you likely get all the taxes you pay to the government returned (aside from sales, but whatever...) and you pay more for Feds than anything else. Plus, you are able to influence the decisions of this level of government far more than you can at any other level, because you are one of 30,000, not one of 30 million.

      Honestly 4, I found your comment to be just simply ignorant

    3. I have a car so I do not take the bus; that money is wasted for me.
      SLC is loud and full of crowds.
      I am in the go-home club.
      I have never even heard of any of the "high use" centres for people you mentioned, but I am pretty sure the food bank can get by without a whole pseudo-governmental body administering it.

      I do not think FEDS really does anything for me other than take money. Frankly, I come to class, I write my exams, I leave and get on with my life. I do not have special requirements.

    4. If you prefer to regard your time at Waterloo as nothing more or less than time spent attending school 4c, then that's your choice. Some of us prefer not to exist in a vacuum and recognize that this is a community, though.

      I will say, Feds (the VP Education in particular) acts as the primary student voice negotiating ALL academic policies with the upper admin of the university, so if all you care about is classes then that bit may be relevant to you.

      Anyway, at the end of the day it's your $50/term (excluding the $250 in Feds administered fees that cover the bus pass/health plan/student refugee program), and I'm not gonna judge you for not caring how it gets used. But just because Feds has no relevance to you is no good reason to write off the entire organization as irrelevant, nor is it a good reason to insult those of us who do care.

      If you honestly don't care, maybe just avoid commenting altogether.

    5. "I do not think the Government of Canada does anything for me other than take my money. Frankly, I go to work, I leave and get on with my life. I do not have special requirements."

      Whoa... I'm discovering that 4c's line actually works pretty well as a reason not to read the news, vote in any election ever, donate to charity, volunteer, or care about anything beyond my own personal daily goals.

    6. Look at all the little socialists coming out in force here. Lol. So sad.

  5. 4.f. Do you even know the meaning of the word socialist? I see a variety of liberals here, some with a leaning towards social democracy, but none of these comments indicate that the writer is an actual socialist.

    Well, except perhaps my comment.

    From your Friendly Neighbourhood Socialist (who always votes in the Feds elections).

    1. This. I'm 4a/4d, and I'm honestly about as conservative as they come.

      Sure, I like a small and unintrusive government - but I do still *want* a government. That includes (if anything, it emphasizes) hyper-localized governments like my student union.

    2. My apologies 5.a. For a conservative you embrace an unusually high number of social liberal services.

    3. ^I embrace the *existence* of Feds, and reasons for that existence. That doesn't mean I think it needs $50/term of my money to do it, or that what it's doing couldn't be done more efficiently, or in a less centralized way, with less red tape and bureaucracy/staff. TBH I think Feds would function much better if it went through a major slimming down, moving most of what it does into the hands of student volunteers while refocusing its efforts as an advocacy organization.

      But the fact that Feds isn't what it should be is itself a good argument for voting in the Feds elections - or even running! It shouldn't be a call to apathy.

    4. 5c,
      You have not basis is reality for your comments. If you truly feel that student volunteers can provide the level of service that the staff do, I don't want you as a student leader while I am a student. I've seen the level of commitment student volunteers provide. It is awesome, but it is nowhere near what is required to run an organization effectively.

  6. Why care about this?