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Updated on Monday, January 5


OMG: Why don't you people understand the fact that unless the course undergoes dramatic change, any version of textbook used for the course will work just fine. This is especially true for introductory classes, and courses that are highly technical. calculus 1 is going to be the same course today that it was 80 years ago, and any of the textbooks ever written will suffice.


  1. stewart's calculus has a very different emphasis than spivak's calculus lol

    you would be extremely ill-advised to use one for the other's course

    1. Spivaks calculus was not written for math137 though. I'm talking about people who say oh no I want the current edition of the same damn book. They don't realize the only difference from year to year is design and organization.

  2. A classmate of mine was actually able to use her parent's differential equations text book, it was the right edition and everything.

  3. Yes! First year fucking general chem has not changed in the past god knows how long. God damn gullible students