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Updated on Friday, January 2


OMG: New years resolutions? I'll start:

1. Kick ass at co op and get an Outstanding
2. Kick ass at school and get a 80+ avg
3. Work out thrice a week.
4. Finally ask the girl I like out. OK, thats a bit of a longshot.


  1. 1. Find OP
    2. Fuck him in the asshole
    3. Make OP perform ass to mouth

  2. Well I thought these were your typical resolutions as a UW student. Good luck OP, AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH

  3. It feels good to know that I have 3/4 of your goals. Now just the girls part left

  4. 1) Don't fuck up my new relationship like I usually do
    2) Go to bed early on school nights (fucked that one up tonight)
    3) Work on getting over my mild OCD.
    4) This is not a multiple of three, I literally can't think of anything because it is bothering me too much and I don't have 6 things to want to do.