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Updated on Thursday, January 29


OMG: Lessons from Earth 122 Mid Term: People are dumb, students, TAs and Professors. Since when does a Professor not show up for a mid term that is during class time, I know you are busy but still. It should not take 20+ min to set up for a mid term. I know it is in AL 116 which is a terrible room but still. HINT: If you have a mid term that starts at 11:30am don't show up at 11:50am and if you are the TA running the exam DON'T WAIT FOR THEM.


  1. LOL the professor is Walter Illman, and his class is such a joke. I had it last Winter 2014 and one time, he left all of the quizzes behind in our classroom. My next class was in that room, so I picked them all up and brought them to him. smh.

    That being said, the midterms were so easy that you shouldn't have required the full 80 minutes anyways. Still, that is very unprofessional of him.

  2. the assistants handing out the exams werent really efficient -- they handed out the scantron and midterm paper separately, which each took about 5 min. it's tough booking a different room large enough to fit the class size, unfortunately. hopefully they can do it better for the 2nd MT..