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Updated on Thursday, January 29


OMG: #20425 here: Update after watching the services debate.

Presidents: all did well, no change
VPED: Birnbaum wasn't there
VPOF: both did well, no change
VPIN: Maaz blew the rest away. Which is expected given his experiences.

This debate is really all about the VPIN's, and while Mike and Matt didn't do terrible, they didn't wow me either. Jessica kept repeating "Lets talk", which is good to hear from an exec, it doesn't seem like she has her own ideas. Maaz showed his great knowledge of the services and their needs.

Updated ballot:
Pres: Chris (still)
VPED: Stephane (still)
VPOF: Ben (still)
VPIN: Maaz (new)

Incumbents are early on showing there experience over their opposition. Challengers need to do well at the next two debates.


  1. 100% agree. Unless something spectacular changes, this is how I will be voting.

  2. OP here: CRAP, I used "there" when I meant "their". Please don't hate me Internet!!!

  3. Stephane was working so hard there. no competitor, no question until 75 mins in, and the question was about "providing pillow and blanket for international exchange student"(?)

  4. Agree with OP, my ballot looks like this right now too.

  5. Not happy with Ben's answer that LGBTQ issues aren't his strong suit. After a year in office he could have taken the time to learn about the issues.

    1. Why would he need to do that? The VPIN portfolio deals with services, not the VPOF. He's not gay or any of the letters I suspect. You don't include Allies anymore. So why would he bother? For that matter, since your group goes out of its way to make those who aren't in the crowd feel less than welcome, why would anyone bother? What needs to change is not Ben, it's the LGBTQ community and their need to feel as though they are seperate from everyoen else. Inclusion should go both ways.

  6. Ben was terrible as always. A year in office and still doesn't seem to have any idea what he's doing.

  7. should've voted for Team Nova last year...