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Updated on Thursday, January 29


OMG: I graduated, and wanna go to a different gym in Waterloo. Suggestions?

  • Not looking to spend much, as little as possible
  • I do Deadlifts, Squats, Pullups, Shoulder Press, Bent over rows, Bench press, bicep curl on EZ, Tricep pressdown, and calf raises. So mostly barbell, power rack, few machines, also a treadmill
  • I also do mobility and foam roll. I also use that long wooden stick for shoulder mobility.
  • It would suck if it's a gym far away or if it's too crowded.
  • I live right beside Erb/Fisher-hallman, but not sure if goodlife there is any good
  • Hot chicks are a plus, but not necessary at all.

Thanks in advanced broskis and dudettes.


  1. I recommend Goodlife, and I think you can still get a student rate. I have been going there for years and I love it. I think the one at Erb/Fisher Hallman is a little older, but there is a huge one on Weber that alway has lots of room. And I've seen some good looking girls there!

    1. The thing is the new World Gym that opened in Waterloo(no longer necessitating the fucking mission out by Fairview) is like half the price of GoodLife(all fees included) per year and isn't much worse. I've gone to both and would say GoodLife is a bit better but not to the point of justifying the pricing difference.