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Updated on Tuesday, December 30


OMG: Dear UW, here is a list of shit that you did in 2014 that is not cool. 5 things:
1. Ignoring sexual assaults on campus.

2. Not prosecuting students because it would give the university a bad image (see above).

3. Letting 2+2 kids cheat. Seriously.. I've caught them texting, talking, copying work off wikipedia, and all our wonderful science faculty ever does it "We spoke to them, they promiss not to do it again." The next time we catch them, same thing.

4. Not letting your students know that an OPD counselor was targeting gays for attacks. Also keeping him on the job until he turned himself to a mental hospital to try to plead insanity. Oh wait, you guys kept him until the police said fuck that and actually arrested him.

5. On a lighter note. Spending all that money on security cameras. Talking to an officer later "OH, yeah, most of them don't really work."


  1. wait what was #4 all about?!! more info please! :O

    1. ^ This I want dat info


  2. I've seen a UW police officer stomp on a student, and then give him the finger while saying FUCK YOU in the police station non-stop while the other pigs watched.

    1. Yeah, right. I call bullshit. Either this is a ridiculous overexaggeration, or you're straight-up making things up, 2.

  3. Ask me how I know you:
    1. Post on Tumblr
    2. Are perpetually miserable because everything is offensive
    3. Will look back on this stage of your life and wish you had just focused on improving your own life like all the non-miserable people around you.