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Updated on Tuesday, December 30


OMG: Did you know that UW is one of the very few educational institutions in the world where students are charged more for food at school than whatever is available around the school? It is extremely common for schools to subsidize food costs to promote healthy and proper eating for their students. However, U of fucking W wants to make money off the students selling three day old deep fried kung pao chicken. I'm in 4B now, and I regret not saying anything about it for the past 5 years. I hope some of you will drive for the change in the near future.


  1. It must be a conspiracy.

    Hamdullahpur and all the upper admin secretly have majority stakes in all the fast food restaurants in the plaza and have used it to drive up their profits by serving shitty, old, expensive, and cold food to students for years through FoodServices. They then reinvest all that money into the school to a secret Endowment Fund that will be used to build Engineering Buildings 8 through 27. Eventually they will have bought all the way to King Street and will wrap uWaterloo buildings all around the Laurier campus in a very slow-moving flank attack, at which point they will release their hybrid geese that have been trained to eat the most basic people out there, and their plans will be complete.


  2. Where's all the attention? To accomplish this post I will say that I will be graduating from school. I will somehow pay off all my loans.

    2 illuminati for u??

  3. Make your own food.

  4. I make food for everyone. And I get personalized dishes too. Bright.

  5. Bud Walkers Empire

  6. And yet, somehow, UW Food Services actually operates at an annual loss. Interesting, isn't it?