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Updated on Sunday, December 14


OMG: I'm surprised that there haven't been any pornstars from here. It seems most of us are quite good at violently taking it up the ass for weeks on end


  1. I'm a pornstar. Well, maybe not a STAR, but I've been in about a dozen videos since I started first year.

    I'm currently living in V1. If you're lucky, you'll find me. ;)

  2. I've met escorts who graduated from Waterloo.
    She was an arts major.

  3. @1, Serious here, male or female and did you make good money from being in those films? I guess you need to be good looking but as long as no faces are shown it wouldn't do any long term harm down the road.

    1. lol nobody from waterloo is worth watching. 1 is just a whore who likes to be filmed.

  4. That's because the students here are mostly Asians... you know how they are, good grades and all.