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Updated on Sunday, December 14


OMG: Why am i forced to take some shitty arts courses outside my faculty that require immense amounts of memorization, for no real reason. Having to memorizing bunches of econ acronyms and 69 different terms for 1 equation that I'll never use again. fml.


  1. suck it up buttercup

  2. Are you complaining about taking econ?!

    Maybe instead of seeing it as "immense amounts of memorization and 1 equation," you actually take a look at the substance of the course itself? You might be surprised by what you don't know. I enjoyed econ - I'm sure I won't remember the equation for the GDP Deflator in 5 years, but the way it got me thinking about the flow of money and how people make/change spending decisions is something I'll hold on to for a long time to come.

    I find this is typically true of MOST courses, tbh - there are always broader implications to the concepts being taught.

    1. +1 for a concise and logical response.

  3. Had to take an arts course and you chose econ? That was your bad, my friend.