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Updated on Sunday, December 14


OMG: Anything to do in the winter break over here? I have no where to go this break and would like to do something in Waterloo.


  1. If I lived closer to Waterloo I would invite you to my family christmas dinner. We always have friends who can't be with family join us. We don't celebrate the religious part of it, just the being with friends and family part.

    1. I would love to attend your family dinner. I don't mind taking a long trip to your place. It would be something new. Please let me know more about it.

  2. go skiing in kitchner
    I recall a week of events held by Feds for students staying in Waterloo for the break.
    Go skating at city hall or uptown waterloo

  3. Have you heard of Winterloo? Looks like it's open to all students