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Updated on Wednesday, December 3


OMG: Am I the only one feeling depressed recently? It feels like as soon as it started getting cold out, no one wants to go out and do anything anymore, or are too busy studying all the time for midterms (or exams now). And now that intramurals and extracurriculars are done, it feels like there isn't anything to do.. Just feeling unmotivated and like I wanna sleep all day now :(


  1. i get this too, but i'm taking meds and they really help

    talk to your doctor, or get a happy light (it mimics sunlight)

  2. The winters here seem to do that to me as well, make sure you stay hydrated, that'll help

  3. *hug* I get this too! I always get really depressed during the winter, due to a mix of less sunlight + less social interaction.

    I would say, do thinks like go out for a run when it's light out. The exercise + sunlight will make you feel really good.

    Also, if you need social interaction, try doing study groups, going out for small coffee dates with friends, skype with friends who are far away, calls home to family, etc. etc. They might be small things but they really build up (ESPECIALLY study groups--that's what got me through all of undergrad).

    Good luck OP! And if anything happens, remember that there are LOTS of mental health resources on campus to help you. You'll get through this! :)

  4. Study groups give me anxiety.

  5. You can still go work out and be active. Being active has been proven to increase happiness and quality of life.

    Or video games, I turned to video games.

  6. do you not have exams

  7. I get this every year, and it only got worse when I got to university. I can't promise that all of my tricks will work for you, but I think they're worth trying anyways.
    Even if you feel tired, try your best to keep a regular sleeping schedule. If you sleep during the day, you'll have trouble sleeping at night, and you'll mess up your sleep pattern, which is not a good thing to do during exams. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and try and get up for breakfast around the same time each day, even if you don't need to. Keeping yourself in a consistent schedule does a lot to keep you going. Try to keep your meals healthy, and avoid excess snacking, but don't be afraid to treat yourself if you need it. When you're not studying, try and do something fun, but that still stimulates your brain. Reading or drawing can both help if you need to get away from a screen for a while. Going outside for some exercise is a great thing to do for a study break, but stay warm, or you might end up feeling even more tired. Keep your room well lit during the day, and try to stay sitting up when you study. If you live in rez, try changing up your study spot every so often for a change in environment. If you know people in your classes, try studying with them. Even studying with people who aren't in your class can give you a chance to socialize a bit. As a final note, if any negative feeling start to build up, or you feel like either you or other people don't care about your life, you need to speak to someone about it, because there are lots of ways they can help, and you shouldn't have to feel that way about yourself. Remember that you are important, and to treat yourself accordingly :)

    1. I think smoking helps. And waking up and telling ur parents good morning and spending time reading the paper helps. spending alone time helps to. like listening to music. snacking is nice too...

  8. Vitamin D. You're deficient by default unless you take a supplement.

  9. You might want to look into seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and get a light/vitamin D supplements as the others have mentioned. I have a light that's also an alarm clock, it's pretty cool, it lights up gradually for half an hour before your predetermined "sunrise time." It helps a little.

    I hope you feel better soon! I know firsthand that there's nothing worse than being miserable and feeling so awful and lethargic during the holidays (though personally my depression is worst in February/March, I'm usually okay in December).