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Updated on Wednesday, December 3


OMG: That moment when you look back at decisions and realize you made the wrong one. Had two girls to pick from, now I regret not picking the other one. If only..


  1. sucks man.
    just tug one out and you'll be fine.

  2. Greener grass... it just doesn't exist. Just because it didn't work out with the 'wrong' choice doesn't mean the alternate was the right one.

    Glean what you can from the experience and use it to your advantage.
    Some of the worst decisions resulting in pain and frustration have instilled the most wisdom and fostered incredible growth in my life.

    Let it feed you.

  3. I hate feminism but wow, you are making these girls sound like fucking objects.

    1. Are you really that offended by his word choice? It gets the point across: he had two girls he was into, he picked one instead of the other. What's offensive and objectifying about that?

  4. At least you had even one girl that liked you...

  5. all the good ones are taken