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Updated on Wednesday, December 3


OMG: $634 co-op fee for my final term. I thought this was supposed to end last term.


  1. I asked about this because I have to take an extra full time term after switching majors in 2B. You pay 8 terms of coop fees. You can't graduate with coop paying less than 8 and you don't have to pay if you're here for 9 or more terms

  2. If you're unsure about any fee, or think you got charged for something you weren't supposed to (whether it's a tuition fee or a mandatory iClicker/online activation code, etc.), e-mail the Feds VP Education at It's his job to know the fee structure expertly, and to investigate all cases where students are charged for things they aren't supposed to be.

    1. Absolutely.

      Generally 1. is correct if you are on your 9th or more term send an e-mail to the registrar's office to receive a refund cheque.

    2. *blushes*

      [whispering softly] mr vice president i love you... [runs away]

  3. +14$ to mark workterm reports too because "coop fees" of 634$ you bled out of your ass every semester isn't comprehensive enough to cover that.

  4. Does 9 or more terms include failing a term?