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Updated on Sunday, November 30


OMG: "Hey guys, guess what!! I'm going make you pick your courses during your busiest time of the year. And then, the following week, I'm going to give you one whole week to pick your courses 5 months in advance for the spring term! Just kidding, it's not a full week, because we're going to close quest for 3 days during it. Have fun studying!!!!" - some guy in needles hall


  1. You *really* can't spare 5~10 minutes out of your day to pick courses?

    1. It doesn't always take only 5~10 minutes to pick courses. Unless you already have all of your course decisions planned out ahead of time, or your program does that for you, it can take some time to work out what courses you want/need to take.

    2. Why wouldn't you plan it ahead of time? Especially if you've been here a few terms and know how busy/slow Quest tends to get at this time? I mean, that's part of the reason they send us those reminder emails weeks ahead of time.