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Updated on Sunday, November 30


OMG: What is a cumulative exam and who gets to write them?! Stop asking if my finals are cumulative....of course they are, fool!


  1. I've had final exams that aren't cumulative . . .

  2. there are many courses that have non-cumulative exams!
    in my experience, they've been mostly arts courses that i've taken.
    that said, don't assume OP.

    1. Lots of non-cumulatives in English and Drama. Though it's all a trick. They make you think you're getting a break because you don't have to study all the books from the first two months again (though who actually does that when prepping for a literature-based exam? Maybe with the social sciences it makes sense, but it's not like I've *forgotten* what happened in the Cask of Amontillado), but really it just means you have to study harder because you're not going to get away with just remembering stuff from earlier. If you miss a lecture in a non-cumulative exam'd class, you're worse off than if you missed one in a cumulative exam'd one.

  3. Should it matter if it is cumulative or not? You were already tested on the first part of the term, therefore you already know it.

  4. I have written a few exams that aren't cumulative. Why you mad OP?

  5. OP I think you meant non-cumulative. Re-read before you post - fail.