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Updated on Sunday, November 30


OMG: What the fuck is the point of having double doors if one is always locked. If someone knows the legitimate reason behind this, it will change my life.


  1. Enter (unlocked from outside) and exit (locked from outside).

  2. The same way the MC labs on the main floor have separate exit only and entrance doors. Apparently the entrance door can be used as an exit as well but God forbid anybody try entering through the exit door and lo and behold, the door is locked from the outside.

  3. Shit used to make sense in the 60s when all this was designed.

  4. Not sure if this is the same as on campus, but my buddy told me that when he worked at Tims they would only open one of the doors because the night crew would lock one door and forget to lock the other at the end of shift.

    1. That is just bad staff. I would fire whoever was in charge of locking the doors.

  5. One to tease you, the other to fuck you up!