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Updated on Sunday, November 30


OMG: I think its fucking amazing that people like the founder of Twitter and reddit know Waterloo really well, that they actually visit often or have offices here.


  1. You've never been to California huh? Waterloo is extremely well known out here in San Francisco. Every company knows it. I've heard people say Waterloo is "taking over" the tech industry (at a conference NOT about waterloo or Canadians).

    Hell, Sam Altman said that Waterloo was the best new startup city he's been to.

    I find it amazing because.. well, why Waterloo? Drive an hour east to a real city.

    1. There were a few people with vision back in the day when RIM was god. It was suggested that the tech industry start expanding in case RIM was to go belly up. This was circa 2008 though.