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Updated on Tuesday, November 25


OMG: I sent out the agenda today for the next meeting of the Feds Council, which will be held on November 30th at 12:30 pm in the SLC Multi-Purpose Room. Note that these meetings are open to the public and anybody can attend, so if you are interested in any aspects of Council, be sure to come out.

Here is the Agenda for the Nov. 30th meeting of the Feds Council.

If you are also interested in past meeting agendas or want to check out the list of committee members and the Council meeting attendance, [here is the link to that folder.

I can also give a quick rundown of some of the items to be talked about at this meeting if you don't want to check out the full agenda, but I warn that this is the **highly** abridged version.

* a whole bunch of reports
* some presentation, one on the Fall Reading break referendum and one on WaterlooWorks
* some **elections** to the Elections and Referendum Committee, the Elections and Referendum Appeals Committee, and the Internal Affairs Committee. **note that there are at-large positions for all of these, so any student can run for them, and if you are interested, [check out the Feds website](**

* the *much* anticipated Communications Policy
* a stance on controlled access points for Athletics

Like I said, if you are interested in seeing more, be sure to check out the full agenda package that I posted above.

- the Speaker of Feds Council


  1. Can you give it a rest? Nobody cares about your annoying little resume-boosting circlejerk.

    This is useless. You are useless. Feds is useless. And spamming this site with all this dumb shit makes you a complete jackass.

    1. Screw you, 1, I actually found this info useful.

      The speaker isn't a councillor, the role has no intrinsic value for a resume, and the only compensation is a piddly little honourarium. In spite of that, this guy is going out of his way to advertise Council meetings, circulate information, and invite attendees.

      Feds is run by students, so at the end of the day it's only as useless as we make it.

      It's one thing to hate on Feds for the things it fails to do - it's another thing to hate on others for giving a damn and trying to improve the status quo. If you feel an urge to do the latter... just shut up.

    2. +1 1a.

      People bitch about "transparency" all the time. Yet here is a guy actually trying to improve it, and someone comes along condemning him for getting people informed.

    3. Yeah 1b, it's a tough spot for Feds. They're damned if they don't (improve transparency and student engagement), but also apparently damned if they do. One the one hand, they hear "don't spend our money without our knowledge, permission, and oversight! We need to know what Feds is doing!" Then on the other hand they get "fuck you nobody cares about Feds go away."


    4. 1b - yeah, call me naive, but I am of the belief that there is an issue within Feds that every student cares about. It will be different for everybody, but there is something. I think the problem is that the average student doesn't know about most (and for some, all) of the stuff that is going on in Feds, and so they don't actually know what that issue is yet. So that is my own personal campaign for transparency.

      I also want to see Council become a much stronger institution within the organization, having been a member of council for two years now. Advertising these meetings and making sure that students know about them is just a first step to responsible student governance.

    5. 1 here.

      Yupp, you are just reaffirming my belief that you are a complete jackass.

    6. ^says the guy criticizing someone for actually giving a damn about his community and attempting to keep people in the loop about current issues.

      Yeah.... hate to break it to you buddy, but OP isn't the jackass here, you are.

  2. I enjoy the fact that OP wrote this using reddit's formatting style.

    1. Yeah that was totally my bad... I was lazy and copied it from my reddit post I made yesterday and only did a quick proofread that proved to be ineffective.

      Hopefully the weird formatting hasn't made it difficult to read.