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Updated on Sunday, November 23


OMG: If you are interested in submitting an item to the Agenda for the Feds Council, the deadline to submit agenda items is Monday Nov 24th at noon.

The purpose of Feds Council is to determine the common interests of students on all issues relating to post-secondary education and to determine the policies of the Federation of Students.

To submit an item, email me at I can help you connect with somebody who could bring this forward, as any item needs to be 'sponsored' by an elected member of the Council. You can also contact your Councillors at directly, although not all the members of council have been updated on the website unfortunately.

I will never turn away any items unless I cannot find any member to sponsor it. That being said, if I notice something doesn't fit under Councils purview and would be better suited for another body (eg. the Feds Board of Directors, the University Senate, etc) then I will explain that and help you with moving it to that body if you'd prefer.

For more information, see the Students Council page at and the Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws of Council at

On Monday Nov. 24th, I will send out the Agenda for the next scheduled Council meeting on Nov. 30th at 12:30pm in the SLC Multi-Purpose Room.


  1. Great timing, mods.

  2. Yeah, I was hoping to see this go out a little sooner... oh well.

    Stay tuned for the post I just made outlining the Agenda I sent out today... lets hope this is updated by next Sunday...