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Updated on Wednesday, November 19


OMG: To the idiot arguing with the bus driver that he was late on Wednesday night. Give them. A break have you seen the weather!!!


  1. +1

    Hey everyone, have you tried driving a fucking bus in weather this shitty? Do you realize that they need to drive much slower in these conditions? Then fucking deal with the buses being late. No point arguing this, especially not to the drivers who are just trying to keep their passengers safe!

  2. +1
    Anyone who has ever worked in any sort of service industry position will understand buses being late or other small mishaps. Mistakes happen. Shit happens. Everything isn't going to be perfect all the time. Bus drivers are just people out there trying to do their best like the rest of us.
    Stop whining, show some empathy, and get off your high fucking horse.

  3. Even though I have seen some shitty drivers who actually have very horrible attitude towards their jobs and don't give a shit about the schedules, however in this kind of weather it is very understandable for buses to be late. I take 3 hours of buses daily and now it's 4 hours but I really want to thank all the bus drivers for providing awesome service to the region.

  4. I bet OP didn't even consider standing up for the driver