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Updated on Wednesday, November 19


OMG: A friend from my hometown committed suicide last night. I am trying to raise awareness for mental health resources that are available. Please if u need help, reach out <3
Good2Talk: 1(866)925-5454
Counselling services: (519)888-4567 ext 31976
National Suicide prevention hotline: 1(800)273-TALK
Chaplain services:
Peer mentoring:


  1. Some people who can get out with help will get out. Most people who commit suicide does it any ways. Not because they never seeked help. They don't want help. I don't want help. Too lazy and scared to put action but definitely think about it every night. But if you think you can get better with help. Get help!

  2. I wonder if you and I are from the same town. Happened to a girl I knew last night too. Make sure you take advantage of the devices for yourself too if you think you need the support.

    Thanks for sharing these though. You could really help someone.

  3. so sorry to hear this OP. stay strong and if you need the support it is definitely out there. Thank you for putting this site to good use. It is nice to see that positive growth can come from the worst of circumstances.

  4. Only a bona fide faggot would think that any of those resources help.
    Depression is like nothing else, you don't want to move, breathe, eat, even exist.
    I'm happy that person found the way out.
    Keeping someone alive who doesn't want to be alive is inhumane.
    It's their life, not yours. Fuck off and let them end it.