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Updated on Wednesday, November 19


OMG: To everyone who lives (or has ever lived) off-campus:
The city of Waterloo is doing a survey to get feedback and find out about your student housing experience. It doesnt take long and there are a some good prizes (macbook air, ipad/android tablets, giftcards). Fill it out and share it with your friends:


  1. I'm glad to see a survey that could actually produce results. It looks like the city will actually look at this and use it to implement policy, rather than just another opinion survey thrown around by the University.

    1. +1

      People should share this with all the students they know so that they actually get a lot of data so that they can do start to do something about scumbags like Domus, KW4Rent and Schembri

  2. Mods should pin this given how many complains about student housing happen on OMGUW

  3. Tbh kw4rents been pretty good to me