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Updated on Monday, November 17


OMG: I graduated in May, and I miss UW so much ! Especially student life, honestly school is 1000000x better than work life. Can I just be a first year again ?


  1. feel u OP, same story here. i miss my sports club the most

  2. 24 year old timer here. Still in town, working here but living amongst students. Its hell. You don't fit in. Loser is what comes to mind - all your friends have moved out of the city and your sorry ass is still living like an undergrad.

    1. I'm 24, living uptown with other grad students/working people. Still hang out with tons of undergrads (people I knew in my undergrad and from a varisty team) and honestly its been a blast. People I graduated with are making money but god damn do their lives sound boring. You've got the next 50-odd years to slave away, I don't see what the rush is.

    2. Damn 2, you're doing something wrong. I'm 24 as well, but apart from feeling just a liiiittle sketchy around the fresh outta high school girls in language classes, I've never really felt out of place.