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Updated on Monday, November 17


OMG: To my fellow FedsBus riders, please be considerite. Almost 99% of the time the busses are fully booked out, so please don't be the jerk that thinks he's (or she's) going to have his (or her) own seat. Scoot your butt over, and if the bus driver asks if there's any other available seats, kindly raise your hand or indicate that the seat beside you is empty.

Also, if you're going to be bringing additional "luggage" that can't fit on your lap, please don't put it on the seat beside you and expect the person beside you to sit uncomfortably as a result of your overpacking -- put your bags in the aisle, or sit on it or something.


  1. No. Don't bring any additional "luggage" in the first place, if it can't fit on your lap or under your seat. "Luggage" shouldn't be in the aisles. Skinny azn girl who claims her backpack is too heavy to rest on her thighs? Go eat some fucking meat, or put your bag on the floor.

    don't. put. it. on. the. seat. or. in. the. aisles.

  2. Put it in the aisle? What kind of stupid recommendation is that? It's common sense not to block to aisle.

    Only bring the things you really need. Leave spare items at home so that you don't have to carry stuff back and forth, or borrow from someone.

  3. If you have extra or large items, just put it under the bus, in the storage compartments.

    1. This isn't the GO Bus or Greyhoud, it's the FedsBus (ie., a school bus).

    2. Ya, and school buses have storage

    3. don't forget to use foam when u pack

    4. @3b, not the ones that Feds has been using this year. They don't even have overhead storage any more.

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