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Updated on Saturday, November 15


OMG: gross PDA in class: 100% fuck no. Not only is it distracting to everyone around you, it is extremely weird and uncomfortable watching couples get all horned up during a lecture so please just.. stop


  1. If it's happening in lecture, ask them to stop because it's distracting. If they don't, you can inform your prof or move somewhere else where you don't have to deal with it.

    But seriously, the PDA at this school is so gross. I once had a couple making out in a DOORWAY in the math building once, it was pretty awkward trying to squeeze in between them.

  2. You guys are boring, holy fuck. Live a little!

    1. Every time I happen to come across that term, it always comes from an idiot defending their idiotic values.

  3. if me and my partner want to fool around in class, naturally I'm going to keep it as incognito as possible [that's literally the fun and point].

    do unto others as others would do unto you- I don't want to bother people with my kinks, and I don't want peoples' kinks or lack thereof to bother me.

    it's simply the golden rule.

  4. the gold gold golden rule