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Updated on Tuesday, November 11


OMG: In Grade 12, want to go into Computer Science. Is this a wise decision? Also, what are some things that are good to know about Waterloo, I'm from the East Coast.

How is the scenery, what kind of clubs are popular here?


  1. lol, OP is in for disillusionment

  2. If you go to Phil's, don't look down, or up, or even sideways. Stay focused on things that came from outside the club. And don't wear any shoes you care about. They can be ruined, or at least be sticky for a couple weeks.

  3. Computer Science is a good decision, there's plenty of jobs in it and you'll have opportunities, especially if you're in coop. Make sure you like it though, which I would say of any major.

    Things that are good to know? Be social in first year, join school clubs, find people you like, etc. It's easiest to do in first year. Talk to upper years or people who are from Waterloo to get specific information about Waterloo, I can't really give a good overview in this short post.

    Scenery in the city is decent, on campus not so much cause most of the buildings are not nice to look at. If you mean school clubs, go to Clubs Day. If you mean partying clubs, Beta, Phil's and Starlight are usually the most popular.

  4. you can only say it's wise in hindsight

    for now, you need to figure out what you're really good at and pursue it in a way that makes you passionate about it