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Updated on Tuesday, November 11


OMG: i am struggling in arbus101/afm 131, probably gonna get a 60 overall, but according to the website they say that students have to remain a minimum of 70 in arbus and 75 in their honours major course. I m gonna major in econ and I got 90s so far. But arbus 101 really hurts me right now. will I get kicked for getting 60 in arbus 101?


  1. maybe you're just not cut out for university

  2. You have to have a minimum of 70 in your ARBUS courses overall. When you declare a major in the spring you will stay in ARBUS if you have an average across ECON 101, ARBUS 101, ARBUS 102, ARBUS 202, which are the courses you should have completed that count toward ARBUS at that point.

    Most people have a rough time with ARBUS 101, it's a shitty course. Chin up, you'll be alright.

  3. You can do fine with some help. Let me know if you need any :)

  4. Damn, doing bad in AFM 131, people really do bad in that course? It is most definitely a shitty course, especially mikes bikes and the luck of getting a good group.

    Anyway, you won't get kicked out for doing bad in one course, especially not AFM. Talk to your advisor though, seriously.

  5. You need a combined average of 70% in your business courses (so arbus 101 this term + econ 101, and then 2 arbus courses next term). If you are getting 90s in econ and 60 in arbus, you will definitely be fine. To make you feel better, im probably going to get in the 60-70 range for arbus cause i just bombed the second midterm, but im also getting right above a 50 in econ. You don't have much to worry about.