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Updated on Monday, November 3


OMG: What's with the people who insist on standing up and moving toward the doors of the bus when you're still three blocks from their stop?


  1. What's with people using blocks when we don't have a grid street system in KW?

  2. They do it to personally offend you on an individual level.

    Or that it's awkward to stand in the aisle when you can tuck into the door space and just shuffle/hop out when someone needs to get out before you.

  3. They are doing out of courtesy. The bus won't have to wait for them to get to the door, they will already be there. If they do it and still have to pass a different stop, then it is slightly rude, unless they know the stop is rarely used.

  4. sometimes I do that if I have my bike up on the front rack. I try to stay out of peoples' way.

    I'm super cautious to avoid being the last person who just barely hops off the bus as the doors almost catch their foot and won't have time to set my bag(s) down and get to the front to retrieve it.