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Updated on Monday, November 3


OMG: What's the longest you've had to wait for a booked appointment at Health Services?

I set a personal record today with 1hr 40min. :(


  1. 1hr & 30 min.

    The actual appointment took 10 minutes. I understand that they're busy with other appointments and I'm not the only patient and whatnot. But the fact that I could hear several doctors and nurses outside of my door chit-chatting and laughing for a solid five minutes was pretty irritable.

  2. Once I was skipped completely.

  3. Over 2h once. They told me to go off and do things in the meanwhile, and come back 30 min before the estimated time.

  4. Waited about an hour (booked appointment a couple days before), then was told they were backed up and I could either wait with no guarantee of a time or come back on another set date. Their set date was in 3 days...