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Updated on Wednesday, October 29


OMG: Whats the point of their being a Physics department and Perimeter Institute. I think one should merge with the other.


  1. The Physics Department is part of the Science Faculty at the University of Waterloo.

    The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is its own, stand-alone, not-for-profit research institution, and it is NOT part of the University. It just happens to have a handful of agreements with the University that allows them to share some adjunct faculty, and allows the PI to award special uwaterloo MSc degrees.

    They can't merge because they're two completely different organizations. Basically, it's like you just suggested that the Faculty of Engineering should merge with Blackberry.

  2. Please attempt to educate yourself at least SOMEWHAT before making extremely ignorant/stupid comments. Unless troll. then 10/10 baited.