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Updated on Monday, October 27


OMG: To the couple sitting in the the back of the SLC blasting their laptop at 8:30pm monday where people across the room can hear it. The amount of consideration you have for others is equivalent to the brain cells in your head. Go back to the dumpster you came from. Trash like you should be disposed.

-a spiteful person sick of all the inconsiderate, selfish people taking up space on our planet.


  1. Why didn't you just ask them to put headphones on?

  2. I mean you're right, but holy FUCK you're angry.

  3. Are you talking about the SLC great hall? If so, they've the right to be as noisy as they desire. Take your studying elsewhere.

    If you're referring to some other area with tables/chairs, then you have the right to be pissed. Just let them know directly next time. Most inconsiderate people don't consciously realize they are annoying others; once told, they'll probably keep it down.

    1. "If so, they've the right to be as noisy as they desire." No they don't. It isn't a playground. Albeit they can be noisier than areas dedicated to silent study.

  4. go talk to them OP, sounds like you're right on their level

  5. lacks the confidence to say something, complains online... good job OP!

  6. What a betafag. Talk to them you pussy

  7. Did you go and ask them to turn it down? If not, don't fucking come here and complain you passive aggressive brat.