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Updated on Monday, October 27


OMG: From both FEDS staff and volunteers I've heard that this exec team is the worst in a long time: failure to meet goals and milestones, board meetings now closed, Presidential muzzle attempt on Council, botched mental health agenda, etc. Yet some commenter on here figures they're great because things have been relatively "drama-free"?! There can't be drama if no one DOES anything.


  1. Nobody even takes you seriously anymore.. you can't even muster more than 25 votes? Pathetic. Go find a new cause to put your annoyingness to use. Seriously.. fight smoking on campus, fight ebola.. whatever.. just get lost already.

  2. Random commenter who referred to the 'relatively low drama exec' here. Also guilty of submitting a sizeable number of Feds-critical OMGs.
    Hey OP, while I agree with you about the low quality of this exec (though still will insist they're fairly low-drama compared to the shitshow that was last year), the fact is attacking them doesn't hold a lot of water anymore.

    Yes, the exec team right now is one of the most opaque that Feds has ever had. Student engagement is the lowest it's been in about 3 years. And the goals that ARE known to exist, aren't being met. BUT students had a chance to do something about that. They had a chance to do more than simply voice their frustration anonymously on the internet. They had a chance to cast votes and force the gears of change to turn.
    ...And they didn't. Only a little over 50 people turned up and voted in the AGM.

    I would have come out and voted. Hell, I probably could've mustered 30 or 40 people myself who'd support me (I have a reasonably-sized network on campus). But I'm off on co-op in another country this term... what's a student to do? Have faith in those who ARE on-campus to do what needs to be done, that's what.

    ...But you didn't. And now you've made your bed, every bit as much as the exec have. So lie in it, and wait for the elections in February.

    1. I'm confused by people saying goals haven't been met? Why are people saying that?

    2. OP here. The GMs don't do anything, and if you've spent any time working with FEDS you'd know that. They've intentionally limited what can go on a GM agenda because they don't want a general assembly to actually have any power. I'm not going to waste time failing classes on a lost cause. I'm near graduation and I've put in my fair share of time in GMs.

      I've tried to work within the system, directly with exec and staff, on committees, etc. I got nowhere with that. And if that didn't get me anywhere, I don't see how showing up to a GM and voting on a few things would make any difference. I've done my part; it's others that need to pitch in. But really, students shouldn't have to be the ones putting in unpaid time to keep paid employees (the FEDS exec are paid, you know) accountable. As much as I can bitch that they're doing a terrible job, I as an individual have basically no recourse, barring a petition of recall. Which I'd seriously consider if I thought there was 3k students in support.

  3. Agreed OP/2b. 2, the engineers organized a grass-roots block vote before to fix things and they got red taped. I've given up on this too.