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Updated on Monday, October 27


OMG: In an Arts program, what is the effect of a WD? I know that it means you withdrew from the course without a grade assigned, but how is that viewed by potential interviewers either for coop or when you graduate? What about post-graduate education (ie. gradschool or professional schools)?


  1. Just take the WD. Better than a crappy grade or torturing yourself.

    1. ^This. WD shows you were conscious of your situation and took action. Then again, too many can be a problem, but it would have to be a lot to really hurt grad school admissions.

  2. For grad school it's usually not a problem. I have a bunch on my transcript and I was accepted into every program I applied for.

  3. I had one WD and I got 2/2 grad school offers with no questions asked about it.