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Updated on Monday, October 27


OMG: Why don't people on the bus move back when the entire rear platform is open and people are standing shoulder to shoulder in the front? It's just common courtesy to fill in the unused spaces so people can board the bus and have enough room.

Had some asshat who would not move back or let people through earlier today, pushed past him and he then wanted to fight. Wtf is wrong with people?


  1. People don't move back because the elevated area creates some sort of psychological barrier. If you've ever been on one of Toronto's streetcars or old buses you'd notice that this problem is very noticeably reduced (Both have flat decks with no elevated area). As for the guy who wanted to fight you for trying to move to the back, he's just a cockholster.

    1. Not sure if we mean the same kind of psychological barrier, but the elevated area in general just looks inconvenient to exit from if there are lots of people down below to worm through. Down below, people have the option of two exits but when you're at the far end, you only have one. I dislike going up there but still do so for the sake of others.