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Updated on Saturday, October 25


OMG: The proxy forms for the Feds General Meeting were purposely given very little notice of the deadline in order to stifle turnout. Already clear that the Students' Feds Council is being muzzled by the Executive, this is just another ploy to divert attention away from their failures.


  1. Conspiracy theorists abound.. but only 25 of you.

  2. i thought that the four of them are so preoccupied with sucking the university admins off that they wouldnt have time to think of this sort of thing.

    guess they are good multitaskers - yasher koach

    1. Still leaves their hands free to do this shit.

  3. Not on campus this term, but here's my two cents.

    Do I believe that very little notice of the deadline to submit proxy forms was given, and that the whole damn thing was very poorly advertised? Yes - it's perfectly consistent with Feds' track record as an organization.

    Do I believe it was malicious... "deliberately done to stifle turnout" as you'd say? No, I don't.

    The people - the staff, the executives, the directors, the councillors - in and around Feds all MEAN well, they really do! It's just their EXECUTION that sucks more often than not, for a variety of reasons - most of them institutional in nature.