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Updated on Saturday, October 25


OMG: Is there gender equity in school sports? Elementary? Secondary?


    Personal experience..
    Elementary: most equal
    Middle school: wow it's kinda weird she's playing with us. Okay i guess
    High school: no, you can't play with the boys [hockey] team. Okay, you can practice, but no playing in case you get hurt.
    Okay, no checking, you can play on these teams.
    University: are you lesbian?

    No, I'm not gay (and if I was why the hell should you care?)

    No, I don't think there's gender equality in school sports. The boys teams at my school always had better funding, better practice times, better fields etc (soccer and hockey from my experience).

    I can't comment on varsity sports in university because I don't play for a varsity team.

    Why do you ask?

    1. My high school division actually catered to girls who wanted to join men's teams for sports. In one year we had three women join various football teams. They didn't last one game though as they were mercilessly crushed by opposing players.

    2. ^The reality is that, and this is more pronounced in contact sports like football, rugby, etc, the degree of physicality is radically different between men's and women's sports. This is not saying that one or the other is "weaker" or "stronger", but simply acknowledging that they are different. This is not to say that every female football player is, by definition, "weaker" or "less tough" than every male football player. But on average, the level of contact makes mixed gender sports difficult in many cases. Other sports are different though (for example, mixed doubles in tennis, volleyball, etc), so it's really a case by case situation.

    3. Well, i'm a boy so i think there is gender equity. I think the idea of women being able to play sports is attractive cos that way they won't view "us" as "jocks" or something.

  2. It varies from school to school. At my middleschool? Nope, not even close.

    My highschool was much different though, I'm pretty sure there was many more female teams then there was male teams.

  3. gender equity?

    I laughed at the concept being real in the modern-day when I found out League of Legends tournaments are segregated.

    not sure if I should blame patriarchal assholes, or special snowflake liberal feminists.

    what gender equity?

    1. Wait, actually? I'd like a link to that tournament, because that's just insane

  4. I captained an intramural (intermediate) soccer team for the last 3 years here at UW, and it was a great time. Here are my observations about gender equality:

    If we're measuring gender equality by treatment, it's really good. I was treated on the field the same as anyone else, although there are the odd exceptions. I have gotten surprised comments from other players because I run faster and play more aggressively than what they expect from a girl. I played house soccer growing up, and was not exceptionally different from the other girls I played with and against. There must be other girls at UW who have similar skill levels, but they're not involved at the intermediate level (I don't know about other levels).

    If we're measuring equality by numbers, it's FAR from an equal ratio. I would estimate it between 1:10 and 1:15. I was one of the few girl captains and often the only girl on the team. I'm not sure what the gender ratio of all skilled players at UW is, but even with the gender imbalance (and possibly more guys knowing how to play soccer), I don't think it’s accurately reflected in the numbers I’ve experienced.
    When I originally joined UW soccer I was intimidated at the thought of playing with guys, and that might be part of why not as many girls join.

    I injured my legs (cause unrelated to soccer) which made it hard to run. I stopped playing because I wasn't as good as I used to be and I didn't enjoy it as much.

    CONCLUSION - There are very few girls who play intermediate intramural soccer, but the ones who do are treated equally 98% of the time. I think that there are more girls who are able to play than who actually do. One reason that girls might not join, even though they are good players, is because they find it intimidating, but I am happy to be wrong about this.