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Updated on Monday, October 20


OMG: Humans vs Zombies in a week = distracted, pumped, planning escape routes, and wondering what kind of new friends I'll meet while running around with a pair of socks and a Nerf gun.


  1. Campus police will confiscate any toy guns especially if they see you pointing them at anyone on campus.. It does not matter how fake they look either. Have fun trying to run this event.

    1. The event that's been run every term since Fall 2012 with police services' approval? Have fun indeed.

    2. Except that this game has been run for 4 years and the police have had no trouble with it. And the police are warned weeks in advance about the game and have no problem with it.

    3. lol found the frosh

    4. *Fall 2011.

      HvZ has been going for a super-duper long time. Campus Police had a close eye on us for the first couple semesters, but they seem to have determined that HvZ is legit, probably because organizers have always been pretty good about keeping order. The game is run for a week every four months.

      I was stopped in the dark by a campus police officer for about fifteen seconds last time I played. When he saw clearly that what I had was a NERF gun he smiled, told me to have fun, and rode off.

      Over the Spring semester, I ran two one-shot LARP events on Campus (one at PHYS, one in DWE) that involved NERF weaponry, and we experienced no issue either time.

      I can only imagine that people are going to have lots of fun playing HvZ again this year. Campus Police won't confiscate their guns. We've even seen grumps try to false flag safety violations ("That kid with the NERF gun shot water at me!") and have come out unscathed because Campus Police and the HvZ organizers have both acted rationally, reasonably, and respectfully.

      I hope you get the opportunity to play, OP. It's a lot of fun, and a great way for froshies to make new friends. :)