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Updated on Saturday, October 18


OMG: It's sad how SOS has to go to Laurier to book rooms for their sessions.


  1. SOS has been pretty useless the times that I've gone..

  2. From what I've heard, it's really their own fault. Maybe is SOS was better managed they would've been able to prevent being screwed over by the University.

  3. Is SOS still running this year? I applied for a position and never heard back...

  4. Speaking on behalf of the SOS Waterloo Chapter's executive team:

    1 - People do care because SOS runs exam-aid sessions for first-year courses. Thus, it may be a hassle for students who are unfamiliar with the Waterloo area to travel to Laurier.

    2 - We're sorry to hear that you have found SOS useless because we do recruit high quality tutors and train them to provide comprehensive review sessions for each course. If you have any concerns, please message us on Facebook and we'll be happy to address them to better serve our students.

    3 - Let's not assign "faults", nor make any judgments based on things heard. In actuality, the Student Success Office has decided to take over the role of tutoring (with their new "Tutor Connect" program), therefore preventing SOS from hosting sessions on campus.

    4 - Yes, SOS is still running this year. Our executive team has reached out to those via Facebook since we are having troubles with our e-mail. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

    1. ... am i suppose to reapply with my facebook?

    2. No. We are done hiring, but we'll have our info session coming up in Nov.