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Updated on Wednesday, October 15


OMG: it's been six weeks since i moved out of KW4Rent's building and they still haven't sent me my key deposit yet ...


  1. This is simple.

    Did you go into their office and talk to someone?

    No? Okay, go in there and ask what's up. Be clear about what you want, don't take attitude from them, and you may learn something.

    Yes? Okay, then don't beat around the bush. Report them to the Landlord Tenant Board.

  2. i talked to KW last week and they said they were mailing them out this week...butt....we'll see about that -_-

    1. Tomorrow's Friday. Wait, that's today now.

      Before the end of Friday business hours, call them to confirm that they did, in fact, mail them out.

      If they haven't, and give you a new 'you will get it by' date, tell them the money is overdue to you now, and you will accept no further delays. Tell them that if you don't receive the money by this new date, you will be calling the Landlord Tenant Board instead of their office.

  3. They are the biggest crooks in town